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There are optimally efficient ways to use the body for any given job

Functional Efficiency Training is perfect for anyone trying to retrain old thought and movement patterns. Coupled with exercise, nutrition, and massage this component of the ncognito program is sure to help you exceed your health goals. You’ll work with Heidi, our in-house FET specialist to develop the right system for your needs.

30-minute and 60-minute sessions available.
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What is Functional Efficiency Training?

Functional Efficiency Training is based on the idea that there are optimally efficient ways to use the body for any given job. For instance, think about how you lift your arm. Do you know whether you are lifting with the trapezius or are you utilizing the deeper structural muscles to accomplish that movement? To find out, place your left fingertips on the muscle of your right shoulder (between the neck and shoulder). Then raise your right arm in front of you. If the muscles under your fingers shorten, tighten, or lift then you are using your trapezius. If they soften, lengthen, or drop under your fingertips, then you are doing it correctly. Relying on the trapezius to lift your arm is equivalent to hammering a nail with the end of a screwdriver, it works but eventually, something is going to break.

Using the discipline of yoga, as well as other practices in the mechanics of movement, we are able to identify bad habits and repetitive use patterns that cause pain. For example, back pain from poor posture, wear and tear on our joints, breathing problems, sleep issues, even mood disorders and emotional pain can be associated with inefficient patterns of movement. Each tailored session will reverse engineer these types of problems by opening, strengthening, and retraining from old patterns to new.

What Could I Expect In A Session?

In your first session, you can expect a verbal, postural, and gate assessment that will demonstrate to us both structural patterns and movement patterns. We will also get an understanding of your goals, whether that is to swim faster or sleep better. From there, we build a customized program with yogic influence that incorporates specific movement and breathing exercises, stretching, strengthening and mind-body understanding. You will join our in-house FET specialist for one-on-one sessions that get lasting results.

Success Stories

The Equestrian

She had “recovered” from a bad leg break, according to her physical therapists, but she still couldn’t ride for more than 20 minutes without excruciating pain in her back and debilitating cramps in her leg that made it impossible to control her horse. Within a month of strategic stretching and strengthening she is able to ride and even compete pain-free and enjoy the sport she loves.

The Swimmer

He was a massage therapist, devoted to his job, had undergone a hip replacement and loved to swim. He came to relieve work-related tension in his shoulders and discovered, through the depth of this work, a freedom in his shoulders and hips and a core connection that dramatically improved his stroke, kick, and buoyancy in the water and shrank his lap times!

Back Pain

I worked with a woman who lived with back pain so life-altering that she couldn’t remember the last time she slept in her own bed. While recovering from what proved to be another un-related surgery, she discovered the mind-body connection and the powerful use of therapeutic breathing inherent in the work to mitigate the pain and relax the mind to finally be able to sleep comfortably again.


There was a woman so troubled with anxiety that her life was rapidly spiraling into one of desperate isolation. So compelling was her need for order and control that the toll was visible in her physical body as a wired, hungry exhaustion and a mind that was unable to rest. Through this work she found the permission to stop running, the courage to sit with the emotion in her body, find the root of the pain, and re-wire the perception of panic and miscommunication between her mind and body. To lift her eyes, to take a full breath, to stay present.

The Golfer

He loved the sport but to play had become torture. After years of repetitive overuse and misuse, he could no longer lift his right arm over his head. He came to me to ease pain and gain some mobility. Over 6 weeks, he was able to free the mass of bound muscle and begin to re-train the use of his shoulder. He dramatically increased range of motion, became pain-free, and for the first time in his life, he was accessing the correct muscles to lift and swing with a power and speed he had never had before.