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Personal training: we create custom exercise programs tailored to you

Marcus Nisbett - Founder and ACSM-CPT, LMT

Marcus has been a professional in the Health and Fitness industry since 1997 after a car accident the previous year, left him to rehabilitate herniated discs in his lower back. Fascinated with the body’s potential to heal and correct itself with proper guidance, he set out on a path to better understand the profound mechanism of healing. Within a few years,

Marcus became one of the top trainers at the New York Health & Racquet Club. He completed several courses in advanced flexibility in order to further understand human movement. After experiencing Marcus’ touch many of his clients urged him to enroll in the degree program at The Swedish Institute, A College of Health Sciences for Massage Therapy, which is the oldest and most prestigious school for massage in the world.

Sharon - LMT, E-RYT, Nutrition Specialist

After my 30+ year career in the restaurant business, I decided it was time for a change. I already had my Yoga Teacher certification and decided to stay on the holistic path, go to Massage school, learn about the use and benefits of Essential Oils, as well as earning certifications in both health coaching and senior fitness. As a Holistic Health Coach my number one goal is to help others see that they already have the tools they need to figure things out, it's just a matter of digging deep enough to find them.

Liudmila Reyes

Originally from Cuba Lu really loves fitness and dance. She found the best way to put them together was doing aerobics classes. So she became an aerobics instructor and decided to go to school to learn everything about physical education and sports. After 7 years of study that also included massage therapy, She felt ready and prepared to help people reach their goals of achieving a healthy mind and body. She moved to the United States which gave her the wonderful opportunity of continuing with her passion. “I also went to Massage school here to learn new techniques.” Since then, I have been working as a massage therapist and I have to confess that I love what I do. Having happy, healthy and pleased clients makes me truly joyful!

Gabby Castelli

Gabby came to Ncognito to lose weight after studying abroad in Italy and after getting to know Gabby and her story Ncognito knew that she was the missing link to our awesome team!

Gabby always knew she wanted to help people for a career but she didn’t know exactly how.
Growing up she was extremely bullied and always said when she got older she wanted to make sure everyone had a safe space to go to weather they were six or sixty.
She’s always loved fitness and making her the best version of herself.
Coming to Ncognito and seeing how we handle our clients Gabby knew this is where she wanted to be for the rest of her life and this was exactly what she wanted to do! Gabby starts studying for her personal training certification in November so until then she responds to all your texts/emails, sets up all your appointments, records all your videos and comes up with all the awesome specials that we’ve been doing!!