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November 22, 2018

ncognito’s Black Friday Deal is Here!



I hope you had a fantabulous Thanksgiving!

I hope you are fed and rested ‘cause today is gonna be K-Razy!!

But this right here doesn’t have to be. This right here is simple:

  • Strength! Three (3) times a week! Signature Semi-Private Training to tighten up problem areas and get you stronger than ever
  • Nourish! 12 monthly check-ins and 4 quarterly reviews! Our easy to follow (and stick to) nutritional plan and support, so you are never confused about what or how to eat again
  • Reset! Our monthly massage membership, to keep you healthy, happy, and ready for more
  • Exhale! Our yoga package of four classes per month, to keep you flexible and calm

I opened up 10 spots for our Black Friday Special. I can only do 10 because of the massive value I am offering. So, 10 people will have the foresight to take advantage of this incredible deal. (Seriously, if I gave away any more I’d be kneecapping myself.)

Once you sign up we will take a good long look at your goals, where you are, what your lifestyle allows, and where you want to be. With that information, each member of our strategic Ncognito Team weighs in with what their field of expertise has to offer, and we come up with a viable, realistic program to suit YOUR LIFE!

And I do mean your life because we know how life changes. We know there is no be all end all answer and we know you will have to adjust, and tack, and change as the wind blows. We got you though! You are in the driver’s seat, let us do the navigating!

One thing you have to do and do right now is sign up. CALL US!

There are only 10 spots and only one more day. 10 slots fill up or midnight Saturday, whichever comes first and that’s it. Gone. No exceptions.

Let’s look at the numbers again.

Normally this Rolls Royce Package goes for $6284. But for our exclusive, limited time Black Friday special we are taking 50% OFF! YOU SAVE $3142

For Black Friday only: Our Rolls Royce Package for the entire year of 2019 is only $3142

I’m telling you: Jump on this deal now because 10 spots will disappear with a quickness. Do Not miss this!

You have until Saturday at 11:59pm. Tick Tock!